Spares and recharges of hand-held plates

Complete rollers

Ref. 41-24317 Complete roller RPCA G16

Ref. 41-24321 Complete roller RPCA G20

Ref. 41-24331 Complete roller RPCA G30

Ref. 41-24365 Complete roller RPCA G165

Ref. 41-24366 Complete roller RPEL Fine

Ref. 41-24367 Complete roller RPEL Medium


Ref. 42-24317 Recharge RPCA G16

Ref. 42-24321 Recharge RPCA G20

Ref. 42-24331 Recharge RPCA G30

Ref. 42-24365 Recharge RPCA G165

Ref. 42-24366 Recharge RPEL Fine

Ref. 42-24367 Recharge RPEL Medium


Ref. 31-24311 Support RPCA

Ref. 33-00608 Bearing RPCA

Ref. 32-31218 Oil seal

Ref. 31-24308 Axle RPCA

Ref. 23-13008 Nut

Ref. 23-22251 O ring

Ref. 21-20635 Screws

Ref. 31-24322 Front

Ref. 31-24321 Interior cap

Ref. 24-43026 Circlip

Complete rollers y recharges mini

Ref. 41-26014 ROLLER MINI UNIC G-6 P.6

Ref. 41-26013 ROLLER MINI UNIC G36

Ref. 41-26012 ROLLER MINI UNIC 2C50

Ref. 41-26016 ROLLER MINI UNIC G500

Ref. 42-26007 ROLLER MINI UNIC G36

Ref. 42-26012 ROLLER MINI UNIC 2C50

Ref. 42-26016 ROLLER MINI UNIC G500

Spares mini

Ref. 32-00017 O ring

Ref. 23-12012 Nut

Ref. 44-50326 Silent Block Plate MINI UNIC

Ref. 31-26002 Support MINI UNIC

Ref. 33-06202 Bearing MINI UNIC

Ref. 31-26003 Front

Ref. 21-20820 Support screw